Paul Voodini Seance Ebook
Paul Voodini 
UYD Seance Ebook for 
The Spirit Lamp!

Paul Voodini is a full time mentalist, mind-reader, psychic, and séance host.

He has written extensively both on séance magic and cold reading.

Paul has written this ebook to be a companion to the Unleash your Dreams  Spirit lamp.

It also comes with our own cold reading guide using playing cards for free when purchased with the Seance book, which has been a best seller for over 10 years now and an excellent starter book into the world of cold reading.

Paul covers everything in this easy and fun to read ebook.

Subjects covered in the book are

What is the spirit lamp?

What’s a Seance?

Preparing for a Seance.



Introductory routines,

Glass moving/ Ouija Boards,

The Seance,

How to close the seance and bring the evening to a close.

Glossary of Definitions

All highly detailed for the professional and amateur alike. A most excellent read!

For those that know who Paul Voodini is then no introduction is needed for those that dont here is brief bio. Paul Voodini is a member of the prestigious Psycrets: British Society of Mystery Entertainers. He has worked as a psychic entertainer and seance host within the paranormal industry for the past ten years. His experience and research in this area has spawned several hugely successful books, and his lectures and workshops are both informative and amusing. Over the past 2 years Paul has received huge praise for his books. He has also run many one-to-one workshops with interested individuals, and lectured to Psycrets: British Society of Mystery Entertainers and several other UK magic societies.

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You will receive Paul Voodini UYD Seance and UYD Cold Reading guide ebook a total of 56 pages. For Details on the Cold Reading Book see Cold reading from main menu.

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