PK Planchett

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pk planchett

PK'ed Ouija Board Planchett
Please note that the ouija board is NOT included  Planchett only.
This wooden planchett has been handmade, stained, then sealed with natural beeswax polish to give it a lovely soft and smooth finish.
It is approx 70mm in length and 50mm wide, it has a 18-20mm hole for viewing, it has 3 dark copper feet for even smoother action when flowing across a ouija board. Please see photos of front and back of planchett.
At the heart of the planchett has been fitted with a N52 Neodymium magnet so it can be controlled with a Magnetic Ring or other PK Magnet
This is a great boon for bizarre magicians who want to make their seances go with in a certain direction.
Depending on the strength of your PK magnet / ring you can make the Planchett move gently or violently, fast or slow, move without anyone touching the board and with practise it can be flipped.
It is great for creating movement when spectators are lightly touching the planchett as you can make it move slightly or give it pull, this seals the fact that something unearthly is among you.
So for when the spirits aren't in a talkative mood, you can the magic that is the  UYD PK'ed Planchett
Please note that this is sold as a magic trick for bizarre magicians, it comes with NO instructions, nor does it come with a ouija board.
You will receive one PK'ed Planchett, packaged carefully and sent via a 1st class postal service.
Wood is a natural resource and as such when stained and waxed, the colour of the planchett may differ slightly from the photograph.